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Hi, beautiful English speaking friends!

At the moment I am only able to have this small section in English on my Website

I am Austrian and have been working as a medium since 2005 giving one to one sittings/sessions in person and on the phone. I also give angel evenings and I channel angel letters and I give trainings in mediumship. My formal education is pharmacy, which I studied in my hometown Graz.
In English I only offer phone sittings at the moment.

I work mostly with guides and angels and my focus is on bringing clarity, guidance and inspiration.
I like to be able to provide very specific answers to your questions.
Your questions can be about love, relationships, family, health, career, housing and so on.

Whatever is on your mind, write it down by creating a list and contact me if you feel answers to your questions will help you.

I am not a fortune teller and I am not taking your decisions. It´s your life and your responsibility.

If you are in a situation where it´s not easy to find questions, no problem, I will just have a look at the whole thing and we can still get into detail once there is more clarity.

Besides the answers you will get supporting divine energy, especially helping you with the topics you asked about. So it helps to be conciously open to recieving these energies by setting the intention at the beginning of the sitting.

Examples for questions:

What can I do to improve my relationship/marriage?

How would I feel if I took the job I was just offered?

What does my body need right now?

What does my project/business need tob e successful?

What is the best way to market my offers?

What is the best way for me to recharge?

You don´t have to decide between private and career/education, you can ask everything in one sitting.

A phone sitting with me takes up to 1 hour and costs 190 Euros, which you pay in advance (bank transfer or credit card).

Usually there is enough time to cover all your actual questions. Just think of what is on your mind on a daily basis.

I would love to work with you.

If you feel this is for you, send me an Email so we can find the best date for your sitting.

Also don´t hestitate to contact me with further questions.

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